An office, conference room and
coworking facility with hot springs
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Natural Hot Springs

Hot springs
& sauna

Picture taken of the hotel Large Public bath
Available from
Available from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (11:00 PM for overnight guests) and from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM (The open-air bath and sauna are unavailable in the morning.)

Various styles of hot springs, from electric baths to Jacuzzis, as well as a spacious sauna are available for your enjoyment.

Photo of Sodium Bicarbonate Chloride onsen

Sodium-bicarbonatechloride springs

The spring quality at Shichifuku no Yu consists of sodium-bicarbonate chloride springs (hypotonic, weakly-alkaline hot springs). We highly encourage you to experience "Banno Bihada no Yu," whose springs promise cleansing and moisture-retention effects.

Hot Spring Image Hot Spring Image
Photo of seats in indoor bath
Photo of bath lighting

Enjoy the various hot springs available

Night Open-air Bath Image
Photo taken inside the sauna

Hinokuni Sauna & Water Bath

The main draw of this sauna is its ample space. Far-infrared works to fully draw out sweat despite a relative low surrounding temperature of 80℃ to 90℃.

Cold Bath Photo

A 1.2 m-deep water bath filled abundantly with the gentle water of Aso

*The 1.2 m-deep water bath is only available in the men's bathing area.

Photo of the Relaxation Area

A spacious conditioning space

After-bath service

Image of 'Strawberry Sorbet' collaborated with [Deco An]

Enjoy a strawberry sorbet made by the local gelato shop "Deco An" using strawberries from the Eminence Farm free of charge.
(*For overnight guests only)

Additional Fees

For an additional fee, guests take advantage of family baths, bedrock baths, loess wormwood steaming, and foot core therapeutic massage.

How to get to
the hot springs from
the hotel building

Map showing the way from the hotel building to the hot spring

Check here for one-day bathing

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