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Tennis Court Rental

Usage Fees

Weekday afternoons

1,000 yen (1 hr./1 court)

Weekday nights

1,200 yen (1 hr./1 court)

Weekend & holiday

1,300 yen (1 hr./1 court)

Weekend & holiday

1,500 yen (1 hr./1 court)

New Year's holiday
period afternoons
(special fee)

1,600 yen (1 hr./1 court)
*December 29-January 3

New Year's holiday
period nights
(special fee)

1,800 yen (1 hr./1 court)
*December 29-January 3

*Racquets cost 250 yen per racquet to rent.
*Time divisions for afternoons and nights fluctuate according to the season.

How to Reserve

Court rental reservations are accepted over the website or telephone.
Reservations made over the website are initially made as "tentative reservations." You will receive a confirmation email after confirmation.

Reservations are accepted
from 4 weeks prior
to the date of use.

Make reservation over the website
Call and make reservation

Tel. 096-286-1111

Courts may be fully booked for the likes of events and competitions or made
a component of set plans together with training camps, dinner parties, and so forth.
Please feel free to consult with the facility.

How to Cancel

Please call the facility to cancel reservations whether they were made over the website or by telephone.


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